April 14, 2010

M.A.C Master Class: Makeup Essentials

This past Sunday I attended a M.A.C Master Class called Makeup Essentials, taught by Tiffany J. If you haven't been to a Master Class, they are different from the one-on-one classes. The instructors are done by the Senior Artists at M.A.C that do makeup for fashion shows, TV, movies, music videos and more. You need to have a PROCard membership and pay $100 to attend, which is redeemable in products (you can find more information here).

The Makeup Essentials class covered general tips for Makeup Artist who are starting out and shared some techniques to create a cleaner look when working on a client. I've been to many Master Classes at M.A.C and just wanted to share some of the highlights and new tips n' tricks that I learned.

Me and Tiffany! Like my pink hair? ;)

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