March 25, 2010

Neutral Nudes/mark. The Nude Look Dress Inspired

After doing a really colorful look for the Mardi Gras tutorial, I thought I would do something more neutral and kind of an "everyday basic look" that you can wear to school, work, etc. The colors are inspired by the new mark. The Nude Look Dress ($29). Nude colors can work on anyone but you want to be careful not to go too light otherwise it can wash you out. You want to still create some depth and contrast with your skintone.

To create the "nude look", I used Shiseido Maquillage 3D Eye Creator palette. The only website I know that you can order it in the US, is I've personally never shopped from there yet, but have read good testimonials on the internet.

I also showed some new tips and tricks that I learned from the M.A.C lesson I took a few weeks ago and reviewing some of my new favorite products, so I apologies that the tutorial is really long!

March 08, 2010

Mardi Gras Inspired Look/Gold, Green & Purple

This was supposed to be posted during Mardi Gras season but since it's over, better late then never lol. This was a viewer requested look, something very colorful and dramatic. You can tone it down if you want to make it more wearable for day, although I think it's fine as it is. ;)

A tip I forgot to mention when I applied the black eyeshadow is that it's a great multi-purpose product. Not only is it just a basic black shadow but you can darken any color with it (as I did in the tutorial) and also use it as a liner wet or dry. Everyone should have a black eyeshadow.

March 05, 2010

M.A.C One-on-One Class: Scott Barnes Inspired

Today I took a one-on-one lesson at my MAC store. I love these lessons because for $100, you get a 90-minute makeup lesson with any of the certified Makeup Artists and learn whatever look you want; natural, everyday to over-the-top drag queen lol. Plus, you get 20% off on all products for a month*! This may be my 8th or 9th lesson (can't keep track!) and I've always learned something new from each MA.

The look I wanted was something dramatic but with neutral colors, sort of Jennifer Lopez-ish. I also wanted to learn how to contour and highlight the face. So I took a page from the new Scott Barnes's book I picked up recently but made it a bit more dramatic. I learned a lot of new techniques, can't remember them all but promise to show them in upcoming videos. One of my favorite tips though was how to make your lower liner last longer. My liner always smudges, doesn't matter what I use or how I apply it. But Heidi (the MA,duh) used the Liquidlast Liner and smudged with a pencil brush, then set and softened it with eyeshadows. I've been wearing the look all day and it hasn't budged! Definitely need to practice this technique.

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