June 29, 2014

Japan Haul: Bourjois and Tangle Teezer Review

My final Japan haul post aren't actually by Japanese brands but are unavailable for me to try them out.

First are two makeup products by Bourjois. I remember using their products years ago when Sephora used to sell them but now seem to be sold internationally.
  • Healthy Mix Serum: Their foundations are one of the most popular products being reviewed ono blogs and on YouTube. There are two Healthy Mix foundations, the Serum formulated with vitamin-rich fruits including lychee, goji berries, and pomegranate to erase signs of fatigue and boost skin's radiance for up to 16 hours. It has a gel-liquid consistency that gives a semi-matte finish to the skin with light-to-medium coverage. There are only six shades available, fortunately No. 52 Vanille matched me pretty well. On my normal-combination, it lasts for a good 6-8 hours with a primer underneath and a powder set on top but I notice my skin starts to get a little shiny throughout the T-zone, which I suppose it gives the skin that "radiant" look. I like the natural looking finish and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
  • Healthy Mix Concealer: Bourjois has two Healthy Mix concealers, I bought the one in the squeeze tube that's for radiance and anti-fatigue. It's a "fruit-therapy" concealer that corrects dark circles with apricot, raspberry, and melon. There are only three shades to choose from and although No. 51 Eclat Claire Light Radiance is light enough for skin-tone and has enough of a peachy undertone to it to brighten my under eye area, it's still a very limited color selection. The consistency is creamy, easy to blend and has medium buildable coverage.
Lastly, I bought a hair product but a British brand called Tangle Teezer.

I didn't realize this was fast becoming a popular beauty product and it's not just for professionals. The Tangle Teezer comes in many colors and styles but I bought The Original in Pink Fizz. Having long hair, curling it and using styling products means my hair gets tangled easily but this brush does get out all the knots. This plastic brush has short and long teeth to detangle hair, even on damp hair, without tugging or hurting your scalp. It doesn't have a handle but the curvature of the brush fits in the palm of your hands comfortably.

 Glamour Girl

May 13, 2014

Japan Haul: Nails

Since I've been into doing d.i.y nails, I definitely wanted to get nail polishes and nail art supplies during my trip to Japan.

April 01, 2014

Japan Haul: Misc. Japanese Makeup

Besides the ADDICTION makeup I bought in Japan, I bought other Japanese makeup that is a mix of high-end and drugstore brands.

I stopped by Shu Uemura, a brand known for their eyelash curlers, needing a replacement since I had mine for years. They recently came out with a new design called the New Generation Eyelash S Curler. This one doesn't have bars on the sides like a traditional curler which make it easier to get the corners lashes so it doesn't pinch your skin. When you close the clamp, you're supposed to push the white plastic into the socket of your eye to get a good curl at the base. After using this several times, I actually prefer the traditional curler because it's faster to use. The white plastic also comes off a lot on the S Curler which can be annoying. I still think this is a great curler for people with short lashes or hard to curl lashes and it will fit all eye shapes.

There are some great drugstore brands in Japan that you can buy at convenient stores and cosmetics stores. I picked up a few products I was interested in checking out after reading reviews on blogs and watching videos on YouTube.
  • Dolly Wink Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner: A water-resistant liquid eyeliner. It has a super fine felt tip applicator that makes drawing thin lines and winged eyeliner easy to do. Formulated with honey essence and moisturizing effects, I think it helps the product glide on effortlessly. I like that the color is an opaque matte black, the consistency is smooth, and it doesn't flake off or smudge throughout the day.
  • KATE BK-1 Mat Black Gel Eyeliner N: A fade-resistant, waterproof gel eyeliner. These come in other shades and finishes, plus it comes with a brush to apply it with. The consistency is creamy to apply and has a rich black color payoff. The brush is nice as well; small, flat, tapered bristles to control how thin or thick you want your liner to be. It stays all day on my top lash line without fading or flaking but it's not something I would use on my bottom lash-line or waterline because almost everything smudges on me there. I like that the size of the pot is smaller than the average gel liner (Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, etc.) because the product usually dries out before you finish it.
  • MAJOLICA MAJORCA BK999 Lash Expander Edge Miester Mascara: MAJOLICA MAJORCA is known for their mascaras, this one was on Cosme's list of top mascaras. It's a liquid waterproof lengthening mascara that has small fibers to add length to your lashes. The duo-sided plastic comb helps separate the lashes. I like that it does lengthen my lashes with the fibers, doesn't get clumpy or smudge, and holds a curl well.
What are your favorite products from drugstore or high-end Japanese brands?

 Glamour Girl
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